Ecotour Report

  • Playful Dolphin Encounter in the Florida Keys

    March 3rd, 2023

    While on a snorkeling tour to Alligator Lighthouse in Islamorada these guests got an awesome encounter with some wild dolphins. We were leaving the Lighthouse to more to our next location when we spotted the dolphins off in the distance. When we got close, the dolphins were super playful, riding ...

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  • Mating Call of the Great White Heron

    February 13th, 2023

    While on our Eco-tour the other day in Islamorada we got to watch this Great White Heron call to this female for the opportunity to mate. It is nesting season for many of the migratory birds in the Florida Keys right now, so if you are in the area and ...

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  • Epic Wild Dolphin Feeding Frenzy

    February 6th, 2023

    It was my day off but too nice on the water to stay in land. I went out with photography legend Tim Rahn to capture sailfish chasing ballyhoo showers in Islamorada, Florida. We were graced with this amazing dolphin feeding frenzy. Even though it wasn’t exactly what we ...

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  • Florida Keys Bird Watching Tours

    January 30th, 2023

    One of the rarest birds we see while out on our Ecotours in Islamorada, the Roseate Spoonbill. This one is a younger one as the adults have a much brighter pink coloration to their feathers. We were lucky enough to watch this guy for some time balancing on the tops ...

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