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The Basics on When to See Manatees in Florida

Published November 28th, 2023 by KeyZ Charters

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, there are more than 1,000 marine fish living in our waters.

This is stunning, but there's even more waiting to be discovered below the waves; including plenty of beautiful manatees.

If you would like to see these majestic creatures in the flesh, look no further. We've put together this guide explaining the top travel tips for wildlife enthusiasts visiting Florida.

Read on and learn when to see manatees in Florida.

Tourists viewing manatees

When to See Manatees in Florida

You can see manatees year-round in Florida. Here's where to spot these beautiful creatures throughout the year:

Winter Wonderland: December to March

As temperatures dip, manatees seek warmer waters, making winter the prime time for sightings. The months from December to March create a unique window when these gentle giants migrate to Florida's coastal areas since the waters in south Florida stay warm almost year-round.

During this time, popular spots like Crystal River and Blue Spring State Park become havens for manatee watchers.

Summer and Fall: April to November

While winter is the peak season, manatees can be spotted in Florida's waters throughout the year. In the warmer months, they are often found in rivers, bays, and coastal waters. This period is ideal for those who prefer a more serene viewing experience, as there are generally fewer tourists.

Tips for a Memorable Manatee Encounter

While participating in manatee tours, it's important to know a few basics beforehand. Here are a few useful manatee travel tips:

Quiet Observation

When observing manatees, silence is golden. Keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing these peaceful creatures. Opt for eco-friendly tours that prioritize the well-being of manatees and their habitats.

Choose Responsible Manatee Tours

Select tours and operators committed to responsible wildlife interactions. Look for eco-conscious options that educate visitors about manatee conservation while ensuring a respectful distance is maintained.

Be Patient and Respectful

Manatee encounters are based on patience and respect. Allow these gentle giants to approach you if they choose. Maintain a safe distance and resist the urge to touch, ensuring both their safety and yours.

Understanding Manatee Behavior

Manatees are known for their gentle and slow-moving nature. They spend most of their time eating, resting, and traveling. Understanding their behavior and habitat can enhance your viewing experience. They are primarily herbivores, feeding on a variety of submerged and floating plants.

The Role of Conservation in Protecting Manatees

As you plan your trip to see the manatees, it's also vital to recognize the role of conservation in protecting these magnificent creatures. Manatees are considered a vulnerable species, facing threats from habitat loss, watercraft collisions, and environmental changes. By choosing responsible tour operators and adhering to viewing guidelines, you contribute to the efforts to preserve manatees and their habitats. Your visit not only becomes a memorable experience but also a step towards supporting wildlife conservation.

Remember, every encounter with a manatee is a privilege. These gentle giants remind us of the beauty and fragility of aquatic life. As you embark on this unforgettable journey, embrace the opportunity to witness these serene animals in their natural setting and carry with you the message of conservation and respect for all wildlife.

Seeing Manatees: Trip of a Lifetime

With KeyZ Charters, you can immerse yourself in the year-round beauty of manatees, following their migratory patterns from winter to summer. Witnessing these creatures in their natural environment is not just a sightseeing opportunity but a chance to connect with nature and understand the importance of marine conservation.

If you enjoyed this article on when to see manatees in Florida, let us guide you through your journey into the beauty of the Keys. Contact us today to plan your unique Florida boat tour and witness the magic of manatees in their natural habitat.

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