Islamorada Eco-Tours

1 Hour Eco-Tour

On a typical 1 hour Islamorada eco-tour, your captain will guide you through narrow mangrove channels in search for the Florida Key’s natural wildlife. Normally sighted during this tour are the rare American saltwater crocodile, many egrets, herons or ospreys, and iguanas. Sometimes dolphins and manatees are seen. If you are lucky you may even have a chance to see the American bald eagle in flight. To see pictures of this tour check out our photo gallery.

Pet Friendly Islamorada Eco-Tour

Amarican Saltwater Crocodile Islamorada Eco-tour

2 – 3 Hour Eco-Tour

Taking a 2-3 hour Islamorada eco-tour gives you more time on the water. This increases your opportunity to witness the wildlife surrounding you in their natural environment. Your captain will guide you along the coast line looking for creatures that inhabit Islamorada’s unique landscape. Passing through many channels lined by shallow flats and mangrove islands getting up close and personal with the wildlife. On these longer boat tours your captain can show you some of the local areas such as Alligator Lighthouse and Indian Key State Park which are very neat to see but also hold a place in the history of the Florida Keys.