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What Are the Benefits of Snorkeling in Islamorada?

Published November 13th, 2023 by KeyZ Charters

Islamorada is known for having some of the best snorkeling in the Florida Keys and it welcomes 500,000 visitors each year. The location also offers ideal snorkeling for beginners.

If you're curious about learning to snorkel, you should know that snorkeling benefits go far beyond stunning underwater views. It's a great way for people of all ages to take care of their bodies and minds while connecting with nature.

The following guide will explore the top reasons why snorkeling in Islamorada is a must-try activity!

Snorkeling Is Great Exercise

Snorkeling is great for an overall fitness workout and it's so fun that you might not even realize it. It can help build strength and endurance while burning calories to help you lose weight and stay in shape.

You'll need to use your hamstrings, calves, quads, ankles, hips, abs, and shoulders while in the water. It's also much easier on joints than activities such as jogging and hiking.

The breathing tube you use while snorkeling helps train your lungs and diaphragm. Over time, you'll notice more breathing exertion and improved regulation. You'll also improve your lung capacity and learn to stay underwater longer.

Snorkeling gets easier the more you do it because you build up more endurance. It's also an excellent way to improve your flexibility if you suffer from joint pain because of buoyancy.

Snorkeling also increases your heart rate which strengthens your heart and limits the risk of heart failure and disease. It's a wonderful activity for anyone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Improved Mood and Mental Health

As of 2023, about 30% of adults become affected by anxiety at some point. Connecting with nature through snorkeling is an excellent way to improve your mental health and mood. 

Seeing creatures in their natural habitats can help reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders. You can expect to encounter creatures such as angel fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, sea turtles, sharks, and eagle rays while snorkeling in Islamorada.

You must also control your breathing while snorkeling similar to meditation. Doing so can relieve stress, make you feel more relaxed, and improve your mood.

It's Easy to Learn

Learning a new skill is an effective way to build confidence and snorkeling is an easy hobby to pick up. Islamorada reefs range from 4 feet to 20 feet deep making them perfect for snorkelers of any age and skill level.

The reefs are easy to navigate and experienced tour guides are always there to help out and offer snorkeling tips. First-timers learn in waist-deep water before heading out on a boat to get the full experience.

Not only can you pick up a new skill, but it can also help overcome the fear of water. So, snorkeling might help lead you to other skills such as diving later on.

Benefits of Snorkeling in Islamorada

Now you know that snorkeling in Islamorada can help you stay in shape and calm your mind while immersing yourself in beautiful nature. Our snorkeling tours include all the necessary gear so you don't even have to stress about packing your fins!

You can contact us at KeyZ Charters for more information about our snorkeling tours and what to expect on your adventure.

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