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Florida Keys Fun: Types of Dolphin Tours, and How to Choose Between Them

Published April 16th, 2024 by KeyZ Charters

In the Florida Keys, you'll find a community of four islands 90 minutes south of Miami called Islamorada. It's home to first-class state parks that offer camping, hiking, swimming, and, of course, dolphin tours.  

During the hot season, the average daily temperature in the Keys is above 86 degrees. Residents and visitors enjoy temperatures below 77 degrees from December to early March. 

Are you planning a Florida Keys holiday? No plan to travel to the Florida Keys would be complete without a dolphin tour! Stick with us as we discuss the different types of dolphin tours available to you and your family. 

Guests on dolphin tour in IslamoradaDolphins of the Florida Keys

Dolphins are aquatic mammals and closely related to whales and porpoises. They travel in groups called pods which can include 10 to 30 dolphins. They inhabit inshore and offshore areas along the temperate and tropical coast of the Florida Keys. 

Hotspots for Wildlife Watching 

You'll find plenty of dolphin-watching tours in the Florida Keys. Key Largo and Islamorada have been called hotspots to see these amazing mammals. Pods of dolphins can also be seen in the waters around Key West. 

If you'd like an educational dolphin experience, take a ride to the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon. It offers a one-on-one experience for dolphin enthusiasts. 

One-Hour Private Eco Tour

Nothing beats seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, though. Book a private one-hour boat trip and enjoy cruising through the mangrove mazes. You'll see a plethora of native wildlife along with the beloved dolphins. 

In your search for dolphins, you might see the American saltwater crocodile, iguanas, manatees, and birds like herons, egrets, and ospreys. You might even spot the amazing American bald eagle. 

Getting to see these creatures frolicking in the water is a bucket-list experience! 

Two to Three Hour Eco-Tour

The Florida Keys offer a very unique and thriving ecosystem. Going out on a 2-3 hour private eco-tour allows you to observe and enjoy the wildlife and special plants in the area. 

The tour gets you up close and personal with the area's dolphins and other wildlife. Catch dolphins slapping their tails on the water or jumping in the air while cruising along the coastline. 

Sunset Cruise 

If you've never experienced the sunset from a boat, you're in for a treat. The sunset in the Florida Keys is an amazing sight to behold. 

Book a sunset cruise and navigate the mangrove channels looking for dolphins and other wildlife. Dolphin sightings with the backdrop of the sun meeting the horizon are breathtaking. 

The Most Memorable Dolphin Tours

Now that you know more about dolphin tours, you can decide which one fits your vacation style. Dorsal fins breaching tropical blue water is a sight you'll never forget.

When seeing dolphins is on your list of top things to do on your Florida Keys vacation, head to KeyZ Charters. We offer amazing eco-tours that enable you to explore the beauty of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. 

Check out our website and contact us to book a boat trip to remember.  Our knowledgeable crew and quiet boat engine allow us to approach dolphins and other wildlife without disturbance.  

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