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Snorkeling South Florida: The Essential Guide

Published September 13th, 2023 by KeyZ Charters

There are more than 500 different marine species to see in South Florida. This makes snorkeling in the Florida Keys a magical experience.

One of the best ways to go snorkeling safely is to join on of KeyZ Charter’s Florida Keys eco-tours. These private boat tours in Islamorada allow you to see everything the area has to offer. 

This guide covers what to expect from your snorkeling tour in the Keys. Let's dive right in!

Best Snorkeling Locations

The Florida Keys are an amazing place to immerse yourself in snorkeling. With shallow reefs and clear blue waters, you will feel at one with the wildlife there. 

It is important that these natural areas have protection. So, here at Keyz Charters, we have committed ourselves to marine conservation. This means we are Blue Star Operator certified for responsible snorkeling practices.

We will take you to different snorkeling locations on your tour. This gives you plenty of opportunities to encounter rare and interesting wildlife.

The Alligator Reef and Lighthouse is one of the most popular spots for snorkeling. Despite its name, you won't come across any alligators! 

Instead, you are greeted with crystal-clear water and colorful fish. The lighthouse itself has been around since the 1870s and is where the navy ship the USS Alligator wrecked! 

You can also visit Cheeca Rocks, which is an excellent spot for snorkeling and freediving. It has amazing visibility, as the reef ranges from 8 to 20 feet in depth. So it is suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Enjoy the shoals of Angelfish, Parrotfish, and Blue Tang! Plus, you might even sneak a peek at a huge Moray Eel!

Glimpse Amazing Marine Species

South Florida is home to some unusual species, not seen in many places in the world. Rare seabirds, spiny lobsters, and many fish live on the reefs and mangroves in the area. 

Manatees are a protected species seen roaming Florida waters. These friendly giants enjoy grazing on seagrass and wallowing in shallow water. Join one of our Manatee tours to spot these special creatures. 

Florida also boasts a host of dolphin, whale, and shark species. You might see some of these from the boat in deeper water. 

Sea turtles are another delight that you may come across during snorkeling. They like to gather around the Alligator Reef and Cheeca Rocks. 

Enjoy a Guided Tour

Aside from snorkeling we also offer a range of other Florida Keys eco-tours. Learn about the history of the area and enjoy the Islamorada Sandbar with our guides. 

If you want to get the best of both worlds, then you can do a combination tour. This way you can get the ideal balance of snorkeling and sightseeing tours. 

After your snorkeling experience, you could also top off a perfect day with a sunset cruise. This offers a chance to see the marine world from above with a gorgeous backdrop.

Book Your Snorkeling Eco-Tour Today

Snorkeling in the Florida Keys is a great way to experience the unique marine world here. The waters are brimming with life for you to get up close and personal with. 

Choose KeyZ Charters to make your vacation special. Our experienced crew is passionate about giving you the best experience possible. Reach out today to book the trip of a lifetime!

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