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Custom Combination Charters

A custom combination charter can be almost anything you heart desires. For those of you who would like to do more than one activity we offer, KeyZ charters in Islamorada has a variety of combination tours to fill your days activity list. From sightseeing and snorkeling to exploring islands and sunsets, you can combine any of these activities in a half day or full day charter. Here is a list of options for the activities KeyZ Charters offers in a combination tour. You can combine any of our trips together to make your perfect dream boating adventure. Our captain is very flexible and capable of making sure there will be time to accomplish them all if you so desire.




Half Day Tours

~2 hours of snorkeling and 2 hours of eco-touring

~2 hours of snorkeling and 1 hour of eco-touring

~1 hour of snorkeling, 2 hours of eco-touring and end the day with a sunset

~1 hour snorkeling, 1 hour eco-touring and a picnic lunch on a historic island

~2 hours eco-touring ending with a sunset

~Choose any of your 2 favorites and combine them!

Full Day Charters

~Indian Key, Lignumvitae, 2 or 3 hour eco-tour, snorkeling and a sunset cruise

~4 hour everglades tour, snorkeling and a sunset cruise

~Learn to snorkel in the morning at shallow beach area, cruise through the mangroves, then snorkel at the reef and end the day with a sunset cruise

~Have more than 6 people in your group? split the day up with the same activity different times throughout the day!